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Mithun Mahata* and Dr. Partha Biswas

Swedan therapy is one of the part of sadvidhoupokrama in ayurveda. The process of inducing sweat through various procedure is known as swedan. In other words the procedure which induces or generates heat inside the body is considered as swedan. To achieve the proper benefit from swedan therapy, we have to follow some precaution. Acharya charak has mentioned 3 factors of swedan therapy are roga (disease), ritu (season), vyadhita (patient). Each factors are very important for swedan therapy and each factors has some limitations. Charak Samhita describes various roga(disease), ritu(season), vyadhita(patient) condition where sedan therapy is contraindicated. There should be taken precaution in the followings ex-testicles, heart, eyes, groins area. Predominance of pitta dosh and atiruksa(dryness) condition of body are contraindicated for swedan. Atikledan (excessive fluid accumulation) is also contraindicated for swedan. Testicles, heart, eyes, groins are very essentials and important body part of human body. So there have to take care for those organs. According to modern, Sweating controls heat production, water and electrolyte balance, vasodilatation in the body. So dehydration condition of the body is contraindicated for swedan therapy. Aims- To explore the literary aspect of precautionary measures of swedan therapy in charak Samhita as well as ayurveda. Method- Literary information collected from different ayurvedic classical texts. Conclusion- With maintain precaution, avoid contraindication and follow proper way of classics, we can protect all mankind from various diseases as well as maintain a healthy life by swedan therapy.

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